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Konkordanz Grimm-Märchen KHM und Märchentyp AT


1 Der Froschkönig oder der eiserne Heinrich The Frog King, or Iron Henry AT 440
2 Katze und Maus in Gesellschaft Cat and Mouse in Partnership AT 15, Stealing the Partner's Butter
3 Marienkind Our Lady's Child AT 710
4 Märchen von einem, der auszog, das Fürchten zu lernen The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was AT 326
5 Der Wolf und die sieben jungen Geisslein The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids AT 123
6 Der treue Johannes Faithful Johannes AT 516
7 Der gute Handel The Good Bargain AT 1642
8 Der wunderliche Spielmann The Strange Musician AT 151, Music Lessons for Wild Animals. AT 1159, Catching the Would-Be Musician in a Crack
9 Die zwölf Brüder The Twelve Brothers AT 451, The Brothers Who Were Turned into Birds
10 Das Lumpengesindel The Pack of Ragamuffins AT 210, The Traveling Animals and the Wicked Man
11 Brüderchen und Schwesterchen Little Brother and Little Sister AT 450
12 Rapunzel Rapunzel AT 310, The Maiden in the Tower
13 Die drei Männlein im Walde The Three Little Men in the Forest AT 403B, The Black and the White Bride
14 Die drei Spinnerinnen The Three Spinning Women AT 501
15 Hänsel und Gretel Hansel and Gretel AT 327A. AT 1121, Burning the Witch in Her Own Oven
16 Die drei Schlangenblätter The Three Snake-Leaves AT 612
17 Die weisse Schlange The White Snake AT 673. AT 554, The Grateful Animals
18 Strohhalm, Kohle und Bohne Straw, Coal, and Bean AT 295
19 Von dem Fischer un syner Fru The Fisherman and His Wife AT 555
20 Das tapfere Schneiderlein The Brave Little Tailor AT 1640. AT 1060, Squeezing Water from a Stone; AT 1062, A Contest in Throwing Stones; AT 1052, A Contest in Carrying a Tree; AT 1051, Springing with a Bent Tree; AT 1115, Attempting to Kill the Hero in His Bed
21 Aschenputtel Cinderella AT 510A
22 Das Rätsel The Riddle AT 851, Winning the Princess with a Riddle
23 Von dem Mäuschen, Vögelchen und der Bratwurst The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage AT 85
24 Frau Holle Frau Holle AT 480, The Kind and the Unkind Girls
25 Die sieben Raben The Seven Ravens AT 451, The Brothers Who Were Turned into Birds
26 Rotkäppchen Little Red Cap AT 333, Red Riding Hood
27 Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten The Bremen Town Musicians AT 130, Outcast Animals Find a New Home
28 Der singende Knochen The Singing Bone AT 780
29 Der Teufel mit den drei goldenen Haaren The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs AT 461, Three Hairs from the Devil; AT 930, The Prophecy That a Poor Boy Will Marry a Rich Girl
30 Läuschen und Flöhchen Little Louse and Little Flea AT 2022, An Animal Mourns the Death of a Spouse
31 Das Mädchen ohne Hände The Girl without Hands AT 706
32 Der gescheite Hans Clever Hans AT 1696, What Should I Have Said?
33 Die drei Sprachen The Three Languages AT 671
34 Die kluge Else Clever Elsie AT 1450. AT 1383, A Woman Does Not Know Herself
35 Der Schneider im Himmel The Tailor in Heaven AT 800
36 Tischchendeckdich, Goldesel und Knüppel aus dem Sack Table-Be-Set, Gold-Donkey, and Cudgel-out-of-the-Sack AT 563. AT 212, The Goat That Lied
37 Daumesdick Thumbthick AT 700, Tom Thumb. AT 41, Overeating in the Pantry
38 Die Hochzeit der Frau Füchsin Mrs. Fox's Wedding AT 65, Mrs. Fox's Suitors.
39 Die Wichtelmänner The Elves AT 503*, Helpful Elves. AT 476*, A Midwife (or Godmother) for the Elves. AT 504, The Changeling. (AT 508)
40 Der Räuberbräutigam The Robber Bridegroom AT 955
41 Herr Korbes Herr Korbes AT 210, The Traveling Animals and the Wicked Man
42 Der Herr Gevatter The Godfather AT 332, Godfather Death
43 Frau Trude Frau Trude AT 334, At the Witch's House
44 Der Gevatter Tod Godfather Death AT 332
45 Daumerlings Wanderschaft Thumbling's Travels AT 700, Tom Thumb
46 Fitchers Vogel Fitcher's Bird AT 311, The Heroine Rescues Herself and Her Sisters. AT 312, Bluebeard
47 Von dem Machandelboom The Juniper Tree AT 720, My Mother Killed Me; My Father Ate Me
48 Der alte Sultan Old Sultan AT 101, The Old Dog Rescues the Child. AT 103, Wild Animals Hide from an Unfamiliar Animal. AT 104, War between the Village Animals and the Forest Animals
49 Die sechs Schwäne The Six Swans AT 451, The Brothers Who Were Turned into Birds
50 Dornröschen Little Briar-Rose AT 410, Sleeping Beauty
51 Fundevogel Foundling-Bird AT 313A, The Girl Helps the Hero Flee
52 König Drosselbart King Thrushbeard AT 900
53 Sneewittchen Little Snow-White AT 709
54 Der Ranzen, das Hütlein und das Hörnlein The Knapsack, the Hat, and the Horn AT 569
55 Rumpelstilzchen Rumpelstiltskin AT 500, Guessing the Helper's Name
56 Der Liebste Roland Sweetheart Roland AT 1119, Ogres Kill Their Own Children. AT 313C, The Girl Helps the Hero Flee; the Forgotten Fiancée
57 Der goldene Vogel The Golden Bird AT 550
58 Der Hund und der Sperling The Dog and the Sparrow AT 248, The Man, the Dog, and the Bird
59 Der Frieder und das Catherlieschen Freddy and Katy Lizzy AT 1387, A Woman Draws Beer in the Cellar. AT 1385*, A Woman Loses Her Husband's Money. AT 1291B, A Fool Greeses the Cracked Earth with Butter.
60 Die zwei Brüder The Two Brothers AT 567A, The Magic Bird Heart. AT 303, The Blood Brothers. AT 300, The Dragon Slayer
61 Das Bürle The Little Peasant AT 1737, Trading Places with the Trickster in a Sack. AT 1539, Tricksters and Their Victims
62 Die Bienenkönigin The Queen Bee AT 554, The Grateful Animals
63 Die drei Federn The Three Feathers AT 402, The Animal Bride
64 Die goldene Gans The Golden Goose AT 571, All Stick Together. AT 513B, The Land and Water Ship
65 Allerleirauh All-Kinds-Of-Fur AT 510B, A King Tries to Marry His Daughter
66 Häsichenbraut The Hare's Bride AT 311, The Heroine Rescues Herself and Her Sisters
67 Die zwölf Jäger The Twelve Huntsmen AT 884, The Forsaken Fiancée
68 De Gaudeif un sien Meester The Thief and His Master AT 325, The Magician and His Pupil
69 Jorinde und Joringel Jorinde and Joringel AT 405
70 Die drei Glückskinder The Three Children of Fortune AT 1650, Three Brothers Inherit a Rooster, a Scythe, and a Cat. AT 1202, Harvesting Grain with a Cannon. AT 1651, Dick Whittington and His Cat. AT 1281, Burning the Barn to Destroy an Unknown Animal
71 Sechse kommen durch die ganze Welt How Six Men Got On in the World AT 513A
72 Der Wolf und der Mensch The Wolf and the Man AT 157, Learning to Fear Man
73 Der Wolf und der Fuchs The Wolf and the Fox AT 41, Overeating in the Pantry
74 Der Fuchs und die Frau Gevatterin The Fox and His Cousin AT 152A*, The Scalded Wol. AT 4, Getting a Ride by Pretending to Be Injured
75 Der Fuchs und die Katze The Fox and the Cat AT 105, The Cat's Only Trick
76 Die Nelke The Carnation AT 652, The Boy Whose Wishes Always Come True
77 Das kluge Gretel Clever Gretel AT 1741, The Guest Flees to Save His Ears
78 Der alte Grossvater und der Enkel The Old Grandfather and His Grandson AT 980B, The Wooden Bowl
79 Die Wassernixe The Nixie AT 313A, The Girl Helps the Hero Flee
80 Von dem Tode des Hühnchens The Death of the Little Hen AT 2021. AT 2021A The Cock Seeks Help for the Choking Hen
81 Bruder Lustig Brother Merry AT 785, Who Ate the Lamb's Heart? AT 753A, The Unsuccessful Resuscitation. AT 330B, The Devil in the Sack. AT 330*, Entering Heaven by a Trick
82 De Spielhansl Gambling Hansel AT 330A, The Smith's Three Wishes
83 Hans im Glück Hans in Luck AT 1415
84 Hans heiratet Hans Gets Married ATs 859B, The Penniless Wooer: Money in Hand. AT 859A, The Penniless Wooer: Patch of Land
85 Die Goldkinder The Gold-Children AT 555, The Fisherman and His Wife. AT 303, Blood Brothers
86 Der Fuchs und die Gänse The Fox and the Geese AT 227, The Geese's Eternal Prayer
87 Der Arme und der Reiche The Poor Man and the Rich Man AT 750A, Good Wishes and Foolish Wishes
88 Das singende springende Löweneckerchen The Singing, Springing Lark AT 425C, Beauty and the Beast
89 Die Gänsemagd The Goose-Girl AT 533
90 Der junge Riese The Young Giant AT 650A. AT 700, Tom Thumb
91 Dat Erdmänneken The Gnome AT 301A, The Quest for the Vanished Princesses
92 Der König vom goldenen Berge The King of the Golden Mountain AT 401A, The Enchanted Princess in Her Castle. AT 810, The Devil Loses a Soul That Was Promised Him. AT 560, The Magic Ring. AT 518, Quarreling Giants Lose Their Magic Objects
93 Die Rabe The Raven AT 401, The Girl Transformed into an Animal. AT 518, Quarreling Giants Lose Their Magic Objects
94 Die kluge Bauerntochter The Peasant's Clever Daughter AT 875
95 Der alte Hildebrand Old Hildebrand AT 1360C
96 De drei Vügelkens The Three Little Birds AT 707, The Dancing Water, the Singing Apple, and the Speaking Bird
97 Das Wasser des Lebens The Water of Life AT 551
98 Doktor Allwissend Dr. Know-All AT 1641
99 Der Geist im Glas The Spirit in the Bottle AT 331
100 Des Teufels russiger Bruder The Devil's Sooty Brother AT 475, Heating Hell's Kitchen
101 Der Bärenhäuter Bearskin AT 361
102 Der Zaunkönig und der Bär The Wren and the Bear AT 222, The War between the Birds and the Beasts
103 Der süsse Brei Sweet Porridge AT 565, The Magic Mill
104 Die klugen Leute The Clever People AT 1384, A Man Seeks Someone as Stupid as His Wife. AT 1385, A Woman Accepts Her Own Cow as Security. AT 1540, The Man from Paradise
105 Märchen von der Unke Tales of the Toad 1: AT 285, The Child and the Snake. 2: AT 672B, The Toad's Crown. 3: AT 2075 Imitating Animal Sounds
106 Der arme Müllerbursch und das Kätzchen The Poor Miller's Boy and the Cat AT 402, The Animal Bride
107 Die beiden Wanderer The Two Travelers AT 613. AT 554, The Grateful Animals
108 Hans mein Igel Hans-My-Hedgehog AT 441
109 Das Totenhemdchen The Burial Shirt (The Little Shroud)
110 Der Jude im Dorn The Jew in the Thorns AT 592, Dancing in Thorns
111 Der gelernte Jäger The Trained Huntsman AT 304
112 Der Dreschflegel vom Himmel The Threshing-Flail from Heaven AT 1960A, The Giant Animal. AT 1960G, The Giant Plant. AT 1889K, A Rope Made of Chaff
113 De beiden Künigeskinner The Two Kings' Children AT 313C, The Girl Helps the Hero Flee; the Forgotten Fiancée
114 Vom klugen Schneiderlein The Clever Little Tailor AT 850, The Princess's Birthmarks. AT 1061, Biting Stones. AT 1159, Catching the Would-Be Musician in a Crack
115 Die klare Sonne bringt's an den Tag The Bright Sun Will Bring It to Light AT 960, The Sun Brings All to Light
116 Das blaue Licht The Blue Light AT 562, The Spirit in the Blue Light
117 Das eigensinnige Kind The Willful Child AT 779, Divine Rewards and Punishments
118 Die drei Feldscherer The Three Army Surgeons AT 660, The Three Doctors
119 Die sieben Schwaben The Seven Swabians AT 1321, Fools Are Frightened. AT 1231, Planning the Attack on a Hare. AT 1297*, Fools Walk into a River and Drown
120 Die drei Handwerksburschen The Three Journeymen AT 360, The Three Apprentices and the Devil. AT 1697, We Three, for Money
121 Der Königssohn, der sich vor nichts fürchtet The King's Son Who Is Afraid of Nothing AT 590, The Magic Belt. AT 401A, The Enchanted Princess in Her Castle
122 Der Krautesel The Cabbage-Donkey AT 567, The Magic Bird Heart. AT 566, Fruit That Grows Horns (Fortunatus)
123 Die Alte im Wald The Old Woman in the Forest AT 442
124 Die drei Brüder The Three Brothers AT 654, Which Brother Has the Best Skill?
125 Der Teufel und seine Grossmutter The Devil and His Grandmother AT 812, The Devil's Riddle
126 Ferenand getrü un Ferenand ungetrü Ferdinand the Faithful and Ferdinand the Unfaithful AT 531
127 Der Eisenofen The Iron Stove AT 425A, The Animal Bridegroom
128 Die faule Spinnerin The Lazy Spinning Woman AT 1405
129 Die vier kunstreichen Brüder The Four Skillful Brothers AT 653
130 Einäuglein, Zweiäuglein und Dreiäuglein One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes AT 511
131 Die schöne Katrinelje und Pif Paf Poltrie Fair Katrinelje and Pif Paf Poltrie AT 2019
132 Der Fuchs und das Pferd The Fox and the Horse AT 47A, Catching a Horse by the Tail
133 Die zertanzten Schuhe The Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces AT 306, The Danced-Out Shoes
134 Die sechs Diener The Six Servants AT 513A, Six Go through the Whole World
135 Die weisse und die schwarze Braut The White Bride and the Black Bride AT 403A, The Black and the White Bride: The Wishes
136 Der Eisenhans Iron Hans AT 502, The Wild Man as a Helper
137 De drei schwatten Prinzessinnen The Three Black Princesses AT 401A, The Enchanted Princess in Her Castle
138 Knoist un sine dre Sühne Knoist and His Three Sons AT 1965. AT 1963, Sailing in a Bottomless Boat
139 Dat Mäken von Brakel The Girl from Brakel AT 1476A, Praying to the Statue's Mother
140 Das Hausgesinde Household Servants AT 1940, Extraordinary Names
141 Das Lämmchen und Fischchen The Little Lamb and the Little Fish AT 450, Little Brother, Little Sister
142 Simeliberg Simeli Mountain AT 676, Open Sesame
143 Up Reisen gohn Going Traveling AT 1696, What Should I Have Said?
144 Das Eselein The Little Donkey AT 430, The Donkey Bridegroom
145 Der undankbare Sohn The Ungrateful Son AT 980D, A Toad in the Face of an Ungrateful Son
146 Die Rübe The Turnip ATs 1960D, The Giant Vegetable. AT 1689A, Two Presents for the King. AT 1737, Trading Places with the Trickster in a Sack
147 Das junggeglühte Männlein The Little Old Man Made Young by Fire AT 753, Christ and the Smith
148 Des Herrn und des Teufels Getier The Lord's Animals and the Devil's
149 Der Hahnenbalken The Rooster Beam AT 1290, A Fool Mistakes a Flax Field for a Lake
150 Die alte Bettelfrau The Old Beggar Woman
151 Die drei Faulen The Three Lazy Ones AT 1950, A Contest in Laziness
151* Die zwölf faulen Knechte The Twelve Lazy Servants AT 1950, A Contest in Laziness
152 Das Hirtenbüblein The Little Shepherd Boy AT 922, The King, the Abbot, and the Shepherd
153 Die Sterntaler The Star Talers AT 779, Divine Rewards and Punishments
154 Der gestohlene Heller The Stolen Farthing AT 769, A Child Returns from the Dead
155 Die Brautschau Choosing a Bride AT 1452, Choosing a Bride by How She Cuts Cheese
156 Die Schlickerlinge The Hurds AT 1451, A Suitor Chooses the Thrifty Girl
157 Der Sperling und seine vier Kinder The Sparrow and His Four Children Similar to AT 157, Learning to Fear Man
158 Das Märchen vom Schlauraffenland The Tale of Cockaigne AT 1930
159 Das Diethmarsische Lügenmärchen The Tall Tale from Ditmarsh AT 1930, Schlaraffenland
160 Rätselmärchen A Riddling Tale AT 407, The Girl as a Flower
161 Schneeweisschen und Rosenrot Snow-White and Rose-Red AT 426, The Two Girls, the Bear, and the Dwarf
162 Der kluge Knecht The Clever Servant AT 1681B, The Fool as a Housekeeper
163 Der gläserne Sarg The Glass Coffin AT 410, Sleeping Beauty
164 Der faule Heinz Lazy Heinz AT 1430, Air Castles
165 Der Vogel Greif The Griffin AT 610, Fruit to Cure the Princess. AT 461, Three Hairs from the Devil
166 Der starke Hans Strong Hans AT 650A, The Young Giant. AT 301A, The Quest for the Vanished Princesses
167 Das Bürle im Himmel The Peasant in Heaven AT 802
168 Die hagere Liese Lean Lisa AT 1430, Air Castles
169 Das Waldhaus The Hut in the Forest AT 431
170 Lieb und Leid teilen Sharing Joy and Sorrow
171 Der Zaunkönig The Wren AT 221, The Wren Becomes King of the Birds
172 Die Scholle The Flounder AT 250A, The Flounder's Crooked Mouth
173 Rohrdommel und Wiedehopf The Bittern and Hoopoe AT 236*, Imitating Bird Sounds. AT 2075, Imitating Animal Sounds
174 Die Eule The Owl AT 1281, Burning the Barn to Destroy an Unknown Animal
175 Der Mond The Moon
176 Die Lebenszeit The Duration of Life AT 173 and 828, Men, Animals, and the Span of Life.
177 Die Boten des Todes Death's Messengers AT 335
178 Meister Pfriem Master Pfriem AT 801. AT 1248, Loading a Beam Crosswise on a Wagon
179 Die Gänsehirtin am Brunnen The Goose-Girl at the Well AT 923, Love Like Salt
180 Die ungleichen Kinder Evas Eve's Unequal Children AT 758
181 Die Nixe im Teich The Nixie in the Pond AT 316
182 Die Geschenke des kleinen Volkes The Gifts of the Little People AT 503, The Hunchbacks and the Elves
183 Der Riese und der Schneider The Giant and the Tailor AT 1049, The Heavy Ax. AT 1053, Shooting Wild Boars. AT 1051, Springing with a Bent Tree
184 Der Nagel The Nail AT 2039, The Lost Horseshoe Nail
185 Der arme Junge im Grab The Poor Boy in the Grave AT 1876, Chickens on a String. AT 1313, The Man Who Thought He Was Dead
186 Die wahre Braut The True Bride AT 510, The Persecuted Heroine. AT 884, The Forsaken Fiancée
187 Der Hase und der Igel. The Hare and the Hedgehog AT 275A*, The Race between the Hedgehog and the Hare. AT 1074, A Race Is Won by a Look-Alike Helper
188 Spindel, Weberschiffchen und Nadel Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle AT 585
189 Der Bauer und der Teufel The Peasant and the Devil AT 1030, Man and Ogre Share the Harvest
190 Die Brosamen auf dem Tisch The Crumbs on the Table AT 236*, Imitating Bird Sounds. AT 2075, Imitating Animal Sounds
191 Das Meerhäschen The Sea-Hare AT 554, The Grateful Animals. 851, Winning the Princess with a Riddle
192 Der Meisterdieb The Master Thief AT 1525A, Stealing the Count's Horse, Sheet, and Parson
193 Der Trommler The Drummer AT 400, The Quest for a Lost Bride. AT 313C, The Girl Helps the Hero Flee; the Forgotten Fiancée. AT 518, Quarreling Giants Lose Their Magic Objects
194 Die Kornähre The Ear of Grain AT 779, Divine Rewards and Punishments
195 Der Grabhügel The Grave Mound AT 815, Keeping Watch at a Rich Man's Grave. AT 1130, A Boot Full of Money
196 Oll Rinkrank Old Rinkrank AT 311, The Heroine Rescues Herself and Her Sisters
197 Die Kristallkugel The Crystal Ball AT 552A, The Girls Who Married Animals. AT 302, The Giant Whose Heart Was in an Egg. AT 518, Quarreling Giants Lose Their Magic Objects
198 Jungfrau Maleen Maid Maleen AT 870, The Entombed Princess
199 Der Stiefel von Büffelleder The Boot of Buffalo Leather AT 952, The King and the Soldier
200 Der goldene Schlüssel The Golden Key AT 2260
201 Der heilige Joseph im Walde St. Joseph in the Forest AT 480, The Kind and the Unkind Girls
202 Die zwölf Apostel The Twelve Apostels
203 Die Rose The Rose
204 Armut und Demut führen zum Himmel Poverty and Humility Lead to Heaven
205 Gottes Speise God's Food
206 Die drei grünen Zweige The Three Green Branches AT 756A, Green Leaves on a Dry Stick
207 Muttergottesgläschen Our Lady's Little Glass
208 Die alte Mütterchen The Aged Mother
209 Die himmlische Hochzeit The Heavenly Wedding AT 767, Food for the Crucifix
210 Die Haselrute The Hazel Switch

Quelle: A. Aarne, S. Thompson und A. Ashliman





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